As professionals in the property inspection field, Realty Check Inspections is familiar with current events in the industry and many common issues home buyers face. 


In addition to expert property inspections, we also offer Radon Testing, Meth Testing, Mold Inspections and Sampling and more.  Ala carte services are available ie roof certifications, stucco inspections, expert witness work or condition documentation in disputes. 


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Radon Testing Our electronic Continuous Monitoring Radon testing equipment is fast and accurate!  Radon is a colorless, odorless and radioactive noble gas that is released as uranium in soil breaks down.  Long-term exposure to Radon gas has been shown to cause an increased occurrence of lung cancer.  If high Radon levels in a living space are measured during the Radon test, Radon mitigation contractors may need to be engaged to install a Radon mitigation system in the home.  Radon mitigation systems are very effective but costly ($1k-$2k).  Protect your family from the gas and from incurring the expense of such a system by knowing before you buy whether Radon is an issue in the home.  For more information on Radon, please call today or visit


Mold Inspection and Sampling Realty Check Inspections is trained and equipped to perform mold and moisture inspections as well as collect indoor air quality or surface samples for laboratory analysis.  Live well, live healthy.  Please call with any questions or visit for more information.


And More!  -  Realty Check Inspections is here to help you with your property inspection needs.  We routinely respond to calls of all types to provide reliable information on the condition of properties.  Give us a call if you are in need of meth testing, expert witness work, ala carte inspections such as roof certifications, stucco inspections, HVAC inspections or if you just need a set of trained eyes to answer a question about your home.  The experts at Realty Check Inspections are with you along the way, protecting you and your real estate investment.